Speak Easy

Formats: 12" Vinyl, CD

Green transparent vinyl
Aie ça Gicle‘s (pronounced «ai sa shikle») second album «Speak Easy» offers a remarkable sense of pop clarity, while at the same time sounding effortlessly astute in recent rock developments, from noise to more ambient sounds. This is POP—via layers and layers of shimming guitar. Where their peers and predecessors might pile loads of riffs on top of each other, Aie ça Gicle‘s «Speak Easy» offers a more carefully constructed whole: every instrument and musical element inhabit their own space without hemming in on their neighbour. With the addition of guitarist Paolo Thorsen-Nagel — a regular on the jazz and experimental music circuit — the newly hatched quintet manages to add complexity to its song structures while producing a sound more lucid than ever. With no affectations, Oliver Falk‘s casual yet compelling vocals moodle along, at once ardent and reticent. He tells us stories about the downs of life, but more often describes its ups. Tinged with sprays of irony and frequent aphorisms, Aie ça Gicle delivers proclamations about the wonderfully banal.