Did we mention the word hyper active in connection with Duck Duck Grey Duck? Indeed we did. And that might well be an understatement. Frelon is the second track released in anticipation of the upcoming album Traffic Jam. Now this doesn’t sound like out of the ordinary but when we take a closer look at the album it shows that there will be 25 (sic!) tracks on it. It is going to be on double vinyl and split into four parts, all dedicated to a certain theme. Does that sound hyper active?


«Frelon, der an die Soloausflüge von Black Keys-Frontmann Dan Auerbach erinnert» – Visions


«Avec des grands espaces, de l’amour, du sang et même un frelon, la vidéo qui vient avec [Frelon] est parfaite» – Les Inrocks


«Die Psych-Band hat ein massives Doppelalbum in Vorbereitung. Die erste Single ist ein toller Groover.» – Reverb is for Lovers