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Formats: CD / DVD

Using only two basses and a drum kit, Flimmer produce music jam packed with breaks. Indeed, breaks are certainly a constituent element here. Flimmer draw on every variety of metal imaginable, without ever settling on one style. One break hunts the next. It’s eruptive trash-metal complete with shouted-singing. There’s only one single track on «Singing» that is longer than two minutes, at least half of the songs are under a minute in length. Their sound remains indebted to old school trash and speed-metal. Just that Flimmer weave all the genre-defining elements of this music that we hold dear seamlessly one after another so that they create something new altogether; a kind of nervous meta-metal. You might wonder, with all their calculative time signatures, changes of rhythm and breaks that the trio can still sound this stunning.
The CD comes in a screen printed cardboard sleeve together with a DVD filled with live footage and video clips that reach… very far back into Flimmer history.