Formats: 12" Vinyl, FLAC, MP3

WERKTAG/CHESSEX/BUESS takes its roots in the Zurich based trio Ensemble Werktag, initiated in 2012, and to which Alex Buess and Antoine Chessex are now both bringing their own contribution.
Ensemble Werktag (Tobias Gerber, saxophone; Rafael Rütti, piano; Sebastian Hofmann, drums) evolves in the tension field between written, experimental and improvised music and tends to have a weakness for the combination of acoustic instruments and live multi-track electronic music. As a result, the volume is sometimes pretty loud; something Alex Buess and Antoine Chessex feel more than comfortable with. Belonging to two different generations of swiss musicians, they both find each other at the border of contemporary music, noise, hardcore, and free improvisation. Writting music is a part of both of their creative processes.

«Ce qu’il en ressort c’est une expérience sonore, une tentative à plusieurs mains, de créer à travers deux espaces très différents, une forme intense, et c’est plutôt vraiment réussi.» – Hartzine
«Twee Huzarenstukjes» – RifRaf
«Dieses vulkanische Prachtstück.» – Bad Alchemy
«Le résultat de cette confrontation est tout simplement magistral.» – dcalc
«A great record of modern music, improvisation and composition.» – Vital Weekly