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a chamber music mixtape? you won’t believe your ears.

1 year ago

At A Tree in a Field Records we like to open new doors and look behind them. We challenge ourselves by entering rooms that might hold the unknown and the unusual.
One could go so far to say that what we do is actually seek out those doors and that we find pleasure in that tickly feeling when you just don’t know what to expect.
With the Ammann Giger release we’ve opened exactly such a door. And you know what? We haven’t left that room since these compositions hit our ears.
Of course you as the regular listener to our channels are accustomed to the wide range of music released on the A Tree in a Field Records.

But are you daring enough to go down that rabbit hole of this dense, precise and hyperorganic chamber music mixtape? Under the musical direction of composer Dieter Ammann and his former student Jannik Giger and performed by The Mondrian Ensemble, Ensemble Nuance, Karolina Öhman and Kirill Zveginstov.

With the support of Swiss National Radio SRF2