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This isn’t music and far from sellable, Acid Amazonians probably can’t even play the recorder. A lot has already been said about the trio, and much more since they started appearing on concert stages and performance spaces.  On their first album they would respond with «Smile politely when you say nasty things / and use your hands», because at the core of their art are empowerment and experiment, noise and spoken word, queer core and a lot of reverb, anger but also reconciliation. In a nutshell, what Acid Amazonians have to offer is: Music to meditate, agitate, demonstrate, and masturbate.



Acid Amazonians improvise. Acid Amazonians are live and alive.



Franziska Staubli: Vocals, Guitars, Electronics
Nina Tshomba: Vocals, Electronics
Rada Leu: Vocals, Electronics


Since recording the album Nina Tshomba is replaced by Dorothea Mildenberger for live shows and performances.