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Handlebar (Sweat Edit)


Is there really not more to Handlebar (Seat Edit) than riding a bike when Acid Amazonians go We’re just pudding and light / surfing on a bike? Can it be that mundane? As if! The universe bats one eyelash and we’re gone, they banter on and it becomes evident what Acid Amazonians are aiming for on this auto-tune-riddled, Midtempo-track: in-your-face confrontation and straightforward lyrics. In the narrative the hedonistic pleasure principle meets the principle of obligation because for the millennials it’s crystal clear that pleasure always comes at a cost – it’s just that they are happy to pay that price to live the pleasure. Accordingly, Handlebar (Sweat Edit) isn’t just the teaser for the live album How To Take Up Space but also the most danceable track of the lot.


Handlebar (Sweat Edit) by Acid Amazonians is out on 30.10.2020 on A Tree In A Field Records. Acid Amazonians aren’t a Band, they’re a process.


The single release party takes place on 29.09.2020 at Sender / GDS.FM, Zürich.


The track is the first outtake of the How To Take Up Space live-album out on 30.04.2021.


Acid Amazonians are:


Franziska Staubli: Vocals, Guitars, Electronics

Nina Tshomba: Vocals, Electronics

Rada Leu: Vocals, Electronics


Since recording the album Nina Tshomba is replaced by Dorothea Mildenberger live