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Omni who? Stylonce what?

11 months ago

It doesn't happen very often that a band is signed by us on the same day they submit a song.

With the band Omni Selassi and their track «Sylvester Stylonce» this is the case. One may doubt the musical taste of label boss Marlon McNeill, but «Sylvester Stylonce» is – once on it – simply unimaginable to drop from any playlist.


Two drums on vocals, a lot of electroacoustic twisting, sometimes lashing, sometimes boisterous. Call it: Superflux Tribe vs. Bubblegum Drone. Kraut. Punk. Levitate.



Rea Dubach (voc, git)
Lukas Rutzen (dr, synth)
Mirko Schwab (dr, elektroharp)


«Sylvester Stylonce» is the curious trio’s first record. An almost eight- minute Tour de Folie on seven inches with a three minute version for digital. Since the beginning of October 2019 the band is out on an expanded tour of Europe.


15.10.19 E         Oviedo – Lata del Sinc

16.10.19 E         Ourense – El Pueblo

17.10.19 PT      Braga – Projektil @ Barhaus

18.10.19 PT      Porto – Favela Discos

19.10.19 PT      Figuera del Foz – Drac

20.10.19 PT      Lisboa – Sirigaita

21.10.19 PT      Lisboa – Crew Hassan

22.10.19 E         Salamanca

23.10.19 E         Vitoria-Gasteiz – Bar Herre

24.10.19 F         Bordeaux – La Voute w/Louis Jucker ft Coilguns

26.10.19 CH     Bad Bonn

27.10.19 D        Würzburg – Dencklerblock

28.10.19 D        Köln – Niehler Freiheit

29.10.19 D        Hamburg ms Stubnitz

01.11.19 D        Berlin Internet Explorer

02.11.19 D        Leipzig – tba

05.11.19 D        Stuttgart – Waggons am gleis

14.11.19 CH     Winterthur – Kraftfeld w/ One Sentence. Supervisor

15.11.19 CH     Luzern / Neubad w/ One Sentence. Supervisor.

28.11.19 CH     Genf / Festival Face Z