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Sylvester Stylonce

Formats: MP3 / FLAC, 7"

«hat enorme Sogwirkung, Hitpotenzial» – RRRsoundZ


It doesn’t happen very often that a band is signed by the label on the same day they submit a song.


With the band Omni Selassi and their track «Sylvester Stylonce» this is the case. One may doubt the musical taste of label boss Marlon McNeill, but «Sylvester Stylonce» is – once on it – simply unimaginable to drop from any playlist.


Is it the perfect pop song? The ingredients are definitely there: polyrhythmic patterns dance to a drive hard to resist. Sounds like from a sneezing sampler and the voice of Rea Dubach. The voice!


Omni Selassi strikes up for musical doom. And nothing will ever be the same again: Dissociation and dissection, symbiotic, androgynous, kaleidoscopically polytox. Their work is a journey in a rocket (high up / highest), a submarine (deep down / deepest), a freight train- always moving. Eventually they ignite themselves, immerse in spiritus, the rug is on fire and smoke spreads out, filling the whole space, with the sky as a roof.


Two drums on vocals, a lot of electroacoustic twisting, sometimes lashing, sometimes boisterous. Call it: Superflux Tribe vs. Bubblegum Drone. Kraut. Punk. Levitate.