Formats: 12" Vinyl, CD

Comnbineharvester explore the noisey depths produced mainly by multiple layers of abrasive guitar textures and repetitive vocals. «There‘s this expression i picked up: city Drones. thats the sound you hear when you‘re up high on a building and you listen to sum of the noise of the city. Because of the distance to the source of the sounds, they blur and blend into a drone. For «Brikks» I was inspired by this and by my travels to quiet places where you can hear the whistle of the wind, the rustle of grass – to me that‘s the sound of silence» says Marlon McNeill. «Brikks» enters with silent footsteps. Guitar chords are stroked slowly, distorted sounds transcend. A voice slowly starts to fill the room, the gaps fill up with more distortion and whirring noise and a driving drum beat just before it all collapses and nothing but a stirred silence remains. «I can play and listen to a drone sound for hours on end but the goal here was to take those astethics and compress them into comparably short songs». Meditation and ecstasy – both poles are still the main characteristics of Combineharvester’s work, yet with one big difference: unlike the previous releases the drones have shrunken to a structured almost song length format.
«Monster Record!» – BBC 6 Music, Tom Ravenscroft