Some Ditty, a Mountain II

Formats: 12" Vinyl

«Some Ditty, A Mountain II» was originally written for the memorial gig of San Fadyl (friend and drummer of Brooklyn based Ladybug Transistor). This piece of music has evolved from a 15 minute piece solely for guitar to an epical 30 minute track for guitars, vocals and drums. It was recorded, using very little overdubs, in Basel, Switzerland, by Jari Altermatt (Navel) at 1000 Watts Studios and mastered by Alex Buess (16-17, God, The Bug, Ice).
The idea was to create an non-drone. A drone, yet with a rhythm that again dissolves within itsself. A fairy-like choir and the ever multiplying wall of noise lay close by each other. It takes thirty minutes to reach the question: «What if there are no more questions?». After the crescendo and the answer «an avalanche of answers – washing them all away» we are left alone. Nothing. A depleted field. A question mark, or an invitation to sow new life. «Some Ditty, A Mountain II» is about forgetting and remembering.
Even though there’s not enough space on one side of a 12″, vinyl has been chosen for aesthetic reasons. To hear the whole piece without interruption, «Some Ditty A Mountain II» can be downloaded from in Flac and MP3 format.