Slime On The Beach

“Slime On The Beach” is the first single from the upcoming Harvey Rushmore & the Octopus album “Futureman” and describes the red slime that is washed up onto beaches in a dystopian future. It entices people from all around the world with its fascinating colours and its magnificent beauty. Creatures that encounter it remain stuck and are digested by the secretive substance. Red Slime – along with Futureman and The Coaster – is one of three protagonists from the album that tells a fantastic story of a gender and species fluid superhero, the corrupt superrich, a drug laboratory and the media sell-out.


The album starts uptempo with “Slime On The Beach”. Confidently stylish, the Casio beat sets the tempo and – supported by the semiquaver synth staccato – the song tears forwards through the first two strophes. With pertinent slapback delay on the vocals, it’s straight to the first guitar solo which takes over the task of the refrain for the rest of the song – “…Red Slime on the Beach, yes!”


“Futureman” is the first official release following the album “The Night” (own distribution) that secured the band international air play and around a hundred concerts. The band manages to pack urgency and energy into psychedelic garage rock songs with apparent ease and follow Futureman on its psychedelic trip through a retro-futuristic world.