Shock Your Moneymaker


Formats: 12" Vinyl, CD

Purchase of vinyl entitles you to a 320kb MP3/FLAC download code which includes 3 bonus tracks not featured on the vinyl version.
Just Iike its predecessor, 2009‘s self-titled LP, «Shock Your Moneymaker» was created in an unfiltered live setting. The recordings at Kaserne venue in Basel were monitored, mixed and produced by Alex Buess (16-17, God, Ice). Mir‘s usual line-up consists of Daniel Buess on percussions, Papiro on string, wind and synthesis instruments, and Michael Zaugg on synths, electronics, keys and effects. For the Kaserne performance, they were joined by percussionists Roman Bruderer and Chris Jaeger Brown. The duo‘s tabla-like playing adds a furious, repetitive element to the band‘s music, an effect that becomes even more striking when Papiro brings the Indian Shehnai flute into the mix. With Mir, things always end up going a little further than planned.