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Happy Release Day to Harvey Rushmore & the Octopus’ «Slime On The Beach»

1 year ago

Can’t get enough Slime On The Beach?


According to the Futureman saga the Red Slime is washed up onto beaches in a dystopian future and entices people from all around the world with its fascinating colours and its magnificent beauty. Creatures that encounter it remain stuck and are digested by the secretive substance.


What a wonderful prospect!


Slime On The Beach is out today and available on all channels. To name a few:






Also Harvey Rushmore & the Octopus are getting ready for the upcoming tour through Switzerland.


03.10.18 Bern  Rössli Bar
04.10.18 Zürich  Gonzo
05.10.18 Glarus  Veka
06.10.18 Basel (Plattentaufe)  Kaschemme
12.10.18 Vevey  Festival du Bout du Monde
13.10.18 Schötz  Träff Schötz 20:00
13.10.18 Burgdorf  Kulturhalle Sägegasse 23:30
18.10.18 Zug  Galvanik
19.10.18 La Chaux-de-Fonds  Brasserie de La Meute
20.10.18 Ins  Schüxenhaus
26.10.18 Frauenfeld  KAFF
01.11.18 Olten Coq d’Or