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Harvey Rusmore & the Octopus with new video «Futureman» plus added shows in Germany and Switzerland

1 year ago

The video in 3D rendering style, designed by Joerg Hurschler, is a six-and-a-half-minute space epic. «Futureman» is born from a flower floating in space and lands gently on earth. Flowers sprout microorganisms grow wherever he steps, and his body seemingly inexhaustibly sprays butterflies.


«Futureman» lives on a disused television satellite. «Futureman» fertilizes nine hundred insect species on his thighs. «Futureman» is unhappily in love with an alga. Between his toes the tentacles of jellyfish and squid grow. His tongue depicts a whale penis – can «Futureman» avert the impending dangers and win over the favour of the humans? Will he be able to save the world?




See for yourself at one of the upcoming shows:


26.04.19  CH – Basel – Arts & Wheels Festival

27.04.19  CH – Wetzikon – Subtil Festival

01.05.19  D – Hamburg – Kukuun

02.05.19  D – Leipzig – Ilses Erika

03.05.19  D – tba

04.05.19  D – Berlin – Schokoladen

05.05.19  D – Hannover – Kulturpalast-Linden

06.05.19  D – Mainz – Kulturcafe

07.05.19  D – Dresden – Ostpol

08.05.19  D – Ilmenau – Studentenclub

09.05.19  D – Cottbus – Fango

17.05.19  CH – La Chaux-de-Fonds – Bikini Test

21.06.19  CH – Schmitten – Schmitten Open Air

28.06.19  CH – Rock am Wind Festival – Les Bioux

29.06.19  CH – Biel – Barbarie