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Formats: 12" Vinyl Collector's Edition Var1, 12" Vinyl Collector's Edition Var2, 12" Vinyl, MP3 / FLAC

The singer and rapper Signup (vocals, beats) and producer Michal Ho (beats, vocals) present their fourth album, their debut on A Tree in a Field, aptly named “||||”. Ten tracks that oscillate between party beats and pogo-inducing riffs. Mostly down-tempo, they subvert chill hop, synth pop, trap, punk and electro traditions – constructing their own danceable vision of a musi-cal postmodernity in the no man’s land between electronic beats, freestyle rap and psychedelic guitars.


Spartanly equipped with a sampler, drum machines and two mics, the duo explores its cosmos of diverse influences and consciously aims to elude a coherent narrative. Nevertheless, the music makes use of an aesthetic that permeates the album. Whether referring to sounds from electronica, as in the first half of the album, or increasingly supplementing it with guitars, as in the second half, the two recount the story of a wonderfully hap-py dystopian and hyper-capitalist society in distinctive chap-ters.