The Savage Dreamer

Formats: 12" Vinyl, CD

Recorded live with Lukas Müller, Franck Mottier and guests, The Savage Dreamer is an emotionally rich and yet stylistically homogenous album. The mood ranges from the lyrical lightness of Salt Turns into Sugar, True Friend and the title track to the irresistible driving beats of Life is a Bliss or Boogaloo. The Savage Dreamer – the gloss of rustling and whispering analogue machines.
In Fai Baba’s music, passion, talent and a keen sense of curiosity blend in with a healthy degree of self-confidence, a subtle sense of irony, and a sharply intelligent approach to song writing. Sonically, the spectre of his music ranges from bruising, distorted psychedelic rock to quiet soundscapes which are, if anything, more disturbing and emotionally charged.